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Client Look Book

Specializing in healthy hair and trend-setting styles

We promote healthy hair and trend setting styles. We will assist clients in maintaining healthy hair and enhance the beauty of our clients both inside and outside. Our environment is dedicated to the nurturing of peace, harmony, positivity and BEAUTY!


"May all the beauty within shine outwards"


– Tiff J

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Client Testimonials


My first encounter with Tiffany was refreshing! With her expertise, she gave me an amazing look of defined curls along with soft waves. This looks definitely became my signature look!


Tiffany is an amazing hairstylist and colorist. She is very professional, attentive to her customers, caring, and she gives me that personal touch. I always look and feel fabulous after I’ve received service.


For many years I wore a boring wrap. I felt like I had to keep long hair in order to feel good. I trusted Tiffany with this big decision [to cut my hair short] and I have never looked back! Tiffany gave me confidence as a woman to embrace short hair.

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